Pomander Tech

Take a quiz choose from results receive sample card

A Fragrance Sampling Kiosk

Pomander Tech guides consumers through the fragrance exploration process, beginning with a quiz to find them the best match.

When a shopper finds this fragrance, the kiosk dispenses a card with:

  • Brand information
  • Product name
  • A QR code for future engagements
  • The fragrance

The fragrance dispenses on the card at the time of selection, for the most accurate fragrance representation.

Patent Pending


Engage consumers at the point of sale and provide a better customer experience as they explore and find the fragrances right for them.

Point of Sale Marketing

Differentiate yourself in the fragrance market with point of sale advertising, consumer engagement, and sample availability.

The kiosk begins by playing short advertisements and provides brands opportunities to connect with customers throughout their self-guided fragrance journey.

Data Analytics

The kiosk monitors consumer engagement to help you discover new consumer fragrance trends in real time.

  • Do you want to learn more about your customers?
  • What drives consumer choices?
  • Are these trends location specific?
  • Which ads are most effective?

With data analytics you can answer these questions and develop products and marketing for tomorrow's consumers.